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New commercial out there – Liga lidských práv

Did you know that sheep is not willing to hit a television with her forehead when you ask her politely? I didn’t.

I’m proud to show the result of last month’s work on new audiovisual piece. It’s a commercial for a non-profit organisation from Brno – Liga lidských práv (League of Human rights) which promotes their new project The task is to encourage people to get involved into civic society, to raise a voice, not to be a sheep. And sheep is exactly what we have in this short spot. Sheep on a field, sheep in the conference room, sheep in the living room (lot of sheep shit on a carpet), Arri Alexa and 12 sheeping hours.
I was asked to direct this piece by Small Production / Armada, under a great producing leadeship of Petr Slavík. Jan Cabalka, visual warhorse, did the cinematography, the sound was mixed and postproduced by Karel Havlíček, Filip Veselý did the editing work, R.U.R. did all the coloring stuff and the music you can hear is the band Outsiders for which we made a music video last year. Composer Tomáš Oramus was so kind to edit their new unpublished track especially for this commercial. The idea came from a crative head of David Podhola. What an amazing experience, enjoy the result and thanks all the guys for collaboration.