Martin Juza
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Film Director

I’ve directed

TVC Silesian-Moravian region

European hockey championship, the famous and huge Colours of Ostrava music festival or a world athletics championship Zlatá tretra. What do they have in common? They all happen in one place. Silesian-Moravian region.

Generali commercial

Generali "Do trojky". A campaign for recruiting new insurance agents.

Liga lidských práv

Commercial for non-profit organisation Liga lidskych prav, where sheep star more than actors.


A visionary political campaign for 2012 autumn political elections. Re-interepretation of Moravian legends into LOTR teaser style.


World finalist in the biggest crowdfunding competition / Chevrolet Superbowl commercial

Phoenix Ashrafieh 2625

An atmospheric commercial for a Lebanese "phoenix-shaped" skyscraper


From 2007 till 2011 I was a creator of visual campaign for an international festival of students' movies Ostrava-picture. Here you can see the best one.

Viral UTB

My most successful virtual platform project of 2012 – a viral video for Tomas Bata University

Ironing Ladies

A short video which presents Ironing Ladies - our socially active start-up which employes women handicapped on a labour market.


Web series called Bikdyl, created as a final year-project of my MA studies.



Tomas Bata University in Zlin


2007 – 2010 BA  Film Directing

2010 – 2013  MA Film Directing

2008 -  founded video brand called Krutart

Bezalel Academy of Arts and design


“Video and “Screen-Based Arts” – a module I studied at the prestigious art academy in Jerusalem, Israel.

École supérieure des arts appliqués et du textile


“Cinéma d’animation” – a module I undertook in Roubaix, France.

Advanced computing skills


Software Flash, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe After Effects, and Premiere – Extensive work experience with photo, graphics, motion graphics and video editing programs.

Language skills


In 2007 I received First Certificate in English (FCE), after successfully passing the exam. I speak English, French and Czech; as well as little bit of Polish and Hebrew.

Leisure and pleasure


I’m a vinyl lover; a keen geocacher; an enthusiastic cyclist and a badminton player; a casual swimmer as well as an avid reader.

“Don’t mess with a boring video. You waste enough time on facebook anyway.” 

 My vision is for sale. Guaranteed.

Call me. +420 732 341 149.

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I live in Prague.