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I’ve directed

TVC Astratex Iva Kubelkova

Astratex is no.1 underwear shopping mall in the Czech republic. Together with IS produkce we made a successful campaign with a Czech top model celebrity Iva Kubelkova.


The communication inside a company is no funny business. Especially if you are an old fashioned boss who still plays Snake on his Nokia 5110 and some innovative IT system called Helios still knocks on your tech-resistant door. 

Vážná známost

Vážná známost is a two-film project. Two directors, two point of views on a relationship crisis. How different could be two movies about the same problem?

TVC Astratex

Astratex is no.1 underwear shopping mall in the Czech republic. And I had the pleasure to direct their first TV commercial.

Generali commercial

Generali "Do trojky". A campaign for recruiting new insurance agents.

Liga lidských práv

Commercial for non-profit organisation Liga lidskych prav, where sheep star more than actors.


A visionary political campaign for 2012 autumn political elections. Re-interepretation of Moravian legends into LOTR teaser style.


World finalist in the biggest crowdfunding competition / Chevrolet Superbowl commercial



University life


2014 – 2015 Film Directing – FAMU

2007 – 2013  Film Directing – Thomas Bata University

2008 –  founded video brand called Krutart

Bezalel Academy of Arts and design


“Video and “Screen-Based Arts” – a module I studied at the prestigious art academy in Jerusalem, Israel.

École supérieure des arts appliqués et du textile


“Cinéma d’animation” – a module I undertook in Roubaix, France.

Advanced computing skills


Software Flash, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe After Effects, and Premiere – Extensive work experience with photo, graphics, motion graphics and video editing programs.

Language skills


In 2007 I received First Certificate in English (FCE), after successfully passing the exam. I speak English, French and Czech; as well as little bit of Polish and Hebrew.

Leisure and pleasure


I’m a vinyl lover; a keen geocacher; an enthusiastic cyclist and a badminton player; a casual swimmer as well as an avid reader.

“Don’t mess with a boring video. You waste enough time on facebook anyway.” 

 My vision is for sale. Guaranteed.

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I live in Prague.